Inside the Black Box


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This revised edition of Inside the Black Box: Science provides advice to science teachers on how to use formative assessment to interact more effectively with their students while promoting learning. The recommendations made gain particular strength from the fact that they are grounded in the main findings of many decades of research into the principles that govern effective learning and the factors that help support the motivation and self-esteem of learners.

The specific aim of Inside the Black Box: Science is the improvement of science education, so ideas are put in the context of the aims and expectations of science teaching. Science provides the means by which learners can interact with the world around them and develop ideas about the phenomena they experience. To be able to learn science in this way, students need help in developing process skills to investigate, and communication skills to question and discuss findings. Formative assessment fits well into this learning scenario, since its purpose is for teachers to sift the rich data that arise in class discussion and activity, so that professional judgements can be made about the next steps in learning. Inside the Black Box: Science sets out in detail the research findings on four main ways of practising formative assessment found to be both workable and productive with teachers of science, and it shows teachers how to develop formative work within a science faculty in a school.

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