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Inside the Black Box: Maths

Author: Dylan Wiliam, Jeremy Hodgen

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ISBN: 9781760011321

No of Pages: 32

Publish date: 12/03/2014

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This revised Australian edition of Inside the Black Box: Maths outlines the principles of formative assessment and how they can be applied in the maths classroom. It offers advice to teachers on how to interact more effectively with students so as to promote their learning and attainment in maths.

The recommendations made in Inside the Black Box: Maths gain particular strength from the fact that they are grounded in the main findings of many decades of research into the principles that govern effective learning and the factors that help support the motivation and self-esteem of learners. This research is put into the context of the aims and expectations of mathematics teaching in Australia. The authors outline their findings on ways of practising formative assessment that have been found to be both workable and productive with mathematics teachers, including classroom dialogue, feedback and marking, and peer- and self-assessment.