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Innovation Age Learning: Empowering Students by Empowering Teachers

Author: Sharon Sakai-Miller

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ISBN: 9781760019853

No of Pages: 192

Publish date: 28/06/2017

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Ready or not, education has entered the Innovation Age,
where it’s not about what students know but what they can do with what they
know. To be truly engaged, students need to go beyond content, skills and
relevance. They need to feel empowered to make a difference with their


In Innovation Age
, author Sharon “Sam” Sakai-Miller shares her vision for active,
constructivist-based learning, infused with innovation skills, which leads to
proven student success. Offering practical ideas organised by essential skills,
including collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking, the
book encourages educators to intentionally design learning environments that:

  • foster collaboration in class,
    beyond class and beyond school

  • promote self expression,
    interactive communication and three-dimensional communication through words,
    data and graphics

  • encourage creativity by
    building creative confidence, and associational thinking and empathetic
    thinking skills

  • boost critical-thinking skills
    by supporting the iterative learning process and building questioning and
    experimentation skills.