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Inclusion & CCSS Supports for Students & Staff

Author: Toby Karten

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ISBN: 9781760017460

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Publish date: 22/01/2016

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Student have diverse skills, knowledge, learning styles and
backgrounds – and one approach won’t help all learners meet rigorous new
standards. In Inclusion & CCSS Supports for Students & Staff, author
Toby J. Karten summarises the reasons and research behind Common Core State
Standards and other widely adopted initiatives. She offers recommendations for
using research-based inclusion strategies, instructional supports, monitoring,
reflection and collaborative practices to give all staff and the students they
instruct a step-by-step outcome-based formula. 

Karten highlights the ADMIRE strategic approach, focusing on ways
to assess, activate, decide, delineate, model, monitor, instruct, involve,
reflect, revise, engage and enrich students and staff with the standards. She
also explores

  • exercises
    designed for teachers who work within inclusive environments

  • realistic
    academic, social and behavioural classroom scenarios

  • practical
    resources to facilitate planning, instruction and assessment

  • strategies
    for matching evidence-based practices with specific students

  • year-level
    examples of Common Core applications.

Every student deserves access to a quality education, viable
post-secondary options and the core knowledge required by rigorous standards.
With collaborative planning, a deep understanding of the standards and Karten's
valuable guidance, any school can provide just that.

Teachers will find it even easier
to implement the groundbreaking ideas presented in this resource with the Inclusion Dos, Don'ts, and Do Betters Quick Reference Guide (QRG116082), a full-colour,
laminated reference guide providing at-a-glance information ideal for use in
the classroom.