Learning to Learn

Complete Set of Student and Teacher Books

By: Gloria Frender

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Publish Date: 20 June 2018

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Learning how to Learn is an essential element for every student’s academic success. Unfortunately, students of all abilities are at risk when it comes to applying effective learning strategies to their school work. Without the right tools, they can easily become discouraged, doubting their abilities, intelligence and capacity for learning.

The complete set of Learning to Learn books brings together all four student books, as well as the teacher's handbook. Use them to guide students to identify their learning strengths and weaknesses, develop effective note-taking skills, deal with test anxiety and get the most out of study time. Best of all, the practical hints, methods, tips, procedures, resources and tools are free of “educational jargon” so students can put them to use right away.

From the classroom to the workplace, the need for learning never ends, Learning to Learn will ensure that you’ve equipped yourself with the tools you need for lifelong learning!

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