Energising Smart Starters - Vocabulary

Motivational Exercises to Stimulate the Brain

By: Majorie Frank

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ISBN: 9781760562618

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Publish Date: 21 March 2018

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Smart Starter activities change "extra" moments in a classroom into teachable moments. They are designed to take short amounts of time. However, Smart Starters are NOT short on substance. The Smart Starters in this book are packed full of important skills to practise and polish or reinforce and extend students' vocabularies.

Kick-Off a New Unit
The starters are grouped by general topics and skill areas. One or more of them might help to ease students into a new area of study. For instance, start off your unit on learning new words with Invitation To A Brouhaha or Words With Attitude.

Spark a Longer Lesson
Any of these short activities can be expanded. A starter may inspire your students to develop questions or examples along the same lines, expanding the warm-up into a full-blown vocabulary lesson.

Review a Concept
Dust off those rusty skills with a Smart Starter. For instance: Have your students been away from the study of word structure for a while? Refresh and deepen what they know about word parts with The Heart of a Word or Pass It On To Add On.

Charge-Up Thinking Skills & Ignite Creativity
Smart Starters are not only for English lessons. Use them any time to stimulate minds. Doing a Smart Starter will sharpen thinking processes and challenge brains. In addition, Smart Starters work well as starting points for students to create other similar questions and problems.

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