Energising Smart Starters - Grammar and Punctuation

Motivational Exercises to Stimulate the Brain

By: Peri Sandifer

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Publish Date: 21 March 2018

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Short on time, but not on substance, Smart Starter activities will warm up brains and quick-start classroom action. The high-interest activities are grouped by skill sets to be used to begin a unit, review a concept, expand into a larger lesson or just make every moment in the classroom a learning moment. Each Smart Starter can be completed in a few minutes to provide the satisfaction of quick success and focus minds for further learning.

Kick-Off a New Unit
The starters are grouped by general topics and skill areas. One or more might help to ease students into a new area of study. For instance, start off a unit on learning about pronouns with Let's Agree or Definitely Indefinite!

Spark a Longer Lesson
Any of these short activities can be expanded. A starter may inspire your students to develop questions or examples along the same lines or to expand the warm-up into a full-blown writing project. The concrete poetry project is a good example.

Review a Concept
Dust off those rusty skills with a Smart Starter. For instance: Are your students using misplaced and dangling modifiers? Refresh and deepen what they know about word order and meaning with I Misplaced It!

Charge-Up Thinking Skills & Ignite Creativity
The Smart Starters are not only for English. Use them anytime to stimulate minds. Doing a Smart Starter will sharpen thinking processes and challenge brains. In addition, Smart Starters work well as starting points for students to create other similar questions and problems.

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