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Teaching the Scientific Method: Instructional Strategies to Boost Student Understanding

Author: Millie Blandford

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ISBN: 9781760562533

No of Pages: 76

Publish date: 17/07/2018

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Brimming with ideas that engage students in active learning,
Teaching the Scientific Method is focused on building students’ foundation in
the principles of scientific inquiry. The lessons in this book will enable
students to solve problems using the scientific method, conduct research, use
scientific equipment appropriately, construct and explain tables, graphs and
reports, and develop experiments independently.


In addition to ideas for each step of the scientific method, the
book contains:

  • hands-on activities

  • demonstrations

  • multiple assessments and evaluations

  • reproducible student pages

  • planning resources for teachers


From creative demonstration to capture students’ attention to a
sample experiment and science fair project guidelines, this complete and easily
adaptable resource will be a valued addition to the classroom.