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How to Teach Academic Vocabulary

Author: Sharon Faber

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ISBN: 9781760562441

No of Pages: 176

Publish date: 18/05/2018

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How to Teach Academic Vocabulary presents relevant research on best
practices, literacy and brain-based learning; outlines more than 50
easy-to-use, practical vocabulary strategies to increase students’ academic
achievement; and suggests ways to present the strategies to students. Help your
students become self-sufficient learners with the ideas in this book.

The book is intended to outline easy-to-use and practical
vocabulary strategies for teachers who want to increase the academic
achievement of all their students. Based on research around best practice,
literacy and brain-based learning, the strategies in How to Teach Academic Vocabulary are designed to be used in all
learning areas and across year levels.

Written for all teachers, not just those with a background in reading,
How to Teach Academic Vocabulary will
make addressing the literacy needs of all students easy, fun and engaging.