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Science and Maths in Motion

Author: Millie Blandford

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ISBN: 9781760562434

No of Pages: 76

Publish date: 17/07/2018

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Science instruction involves measurements, calculations and
graphing. Without these components, it is difficult to fully understand the
scope of the content and scientific investigations carried out. The Purpose of
this book is to provide teachers with mathematical models to integrate with Science and Maths in Motion content. The
activities in the book engage students in active learning and help them to understand
the importance of the integration of maths with science.

Select and use the practice activities or investigations that best
meet your students’ individual needs. Science and Maths in Motion includes
individual assignments, group activities and hands-on activities to help

  • Solve problems using relevant equations;

  • Apply mathematical models in scientific

  • Use scientific equipment appropriately;

  • Construct, understand and explain tables,
    charts and graphs; and

  • Understand the importance of maths and
    science integration.