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Teach Students to Manage Their Own Behaviour: Engaging Literacy Experiences About Real-Life Issues, The School Dayz Program

Author: Ron Klemp

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ISBN: 9781760562359

No of Pages: 168

Publish date: 02/10/2018

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Are you looking for a way to reduce the disruptions and discipline
problems that steal valuable instructional time?

Here is a program that does just that – using literacy vignettes
as vehicles to confront behaviour issues and move from teacher control to
student self-management.

The School DayZ plan is a collection of stories about
the real issues that happen in everyday school life – familiar problems such as
rudeness, cheating, bullying, mobile phone use, stealing, harassment,
disruptions, lateness, vandalism, peer pressure, anger, fear, discrimination,
gossip, fighting, self-destructive behaviour and drug use.

Students discuss an issue, then read and interact with a story
about it. They connect the story to their own experiences, reflect on their own
attitudes and behaviours and recommend solutions.

The approach is classroom tested. It works! Behaviour improves!
Teachers and students testify to positive changes: fewer disruptions, better
attendance and greater responsibility – along with increased self-esteem,
compassion and sense of belonging.

The School DayZ approach
is highly valuable for

  • Character education

  • Home room

  • Leadership classes

  • Advisory sessions

  • Tutoring programs