Dr Birdley Teaches Science

Introducing Cells

By: Nevin Katz

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Publish Date: 02 March 2018

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Introducing Cells, a Dr Birdley Teaches Science book, explains critical concepts in science using words, images and characters. It is focused on standards-based learning objectives and makes science accessible to all learners. It exemplifies good science teaching. Following the outline provided, teachers help students

  1. warm up by assessing prior knowledge and developing vocabulary with vocabulary build-up exercises
  2. learn about a new concept with the source cartoon. It explains critical concepts in science using words, images and characters
  3. apply the new concepts in independent practice with hands-on activities, study questions that prompt students to explain the concepts in words, puzzles and practice problems that link visual and verbal information, background articles that expand on the cartoon’s central points, and graphic organisers that help students sort and synthesise main ideas
  4. assess new learning with quizzes and tests that check for understanding of key ideas.

Concepts covered in this book include:

  • Why Cells Are Important
  • Smallest Units of Life
  • Discovering Cells
  • Hierarchy of Life
  • Characteristics of Life
  • The Cell Theory
  • One-celled Organisms
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