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I, Me, You, We: Individuality Versus Conformity: English Lessons for Gifted and Advanced Learners in Years 6-8

Author: Tamra Stambaugh, Emily Mofield

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ISBN: 9781760017330

No of Pages: 206

Publish date: 24/05/2016

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In I, You, Me, We: Individuality Versus Conformity, students explore essential questions such as "How does our environment shape our identity? What are the consequences of conforming to a group? When does social conformity go too far?" This unit, aligned to the Australian Curriculum, includes a major emphasis on rigorous evidence-based discourse through the study of common themes across rich, challenging non-fiction and fictional texts. The unit guides students to examine the fine line of individuality versus conformity through the related concepts of belongingness, community, civil disobedience, self-reliance and questioning the status quo by engaging in creative activities, Socratic seminars, literary analyses and debates. Lessons include close-readings with text-dependent questions, choice-based differentiated products, rubrics, formative assessments and tasks that require students to analyse texts for rhetorical features, literary elements and themes through argument, explanatory and prose-constructed writing.