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How To Teach Reading When You're Not A Reading Teacher, Revised Edition

Author: Sharon Faber

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ISBN: 9781760562502

No of Pages: 168

Publish date: 27/09/2018

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Many middle years teachers are surprised to find that some of
their new students have difficulty reading or that they do not know how to read
at all. Rarely are teachers trained to address the fundamentals of reading
instruction, and most assume that teaching reading is solely the job of
primary-level reading teachers. But today’s middle years teachers realise that,
regardless of what subjects they teach, they must adopt the attitude that any
child with a reading disability becomes one thing: their responsibility.

Using current research on learning styles and best practices, this
book will help any teacher:

  • Choose and use thinking and reading
    strategies that will enable students to comprehend the content, as well as the
    individual words

  • Model thinking processes for students when
    reading for content

  • Create lesson plans and scripts to use for
    any learning area.