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How to Prevent Special Education Litigation: Eight Legal Lesson Plans

Author: Matthew Militello, Regina Umpstead, Janet Decker, Kevin Brady, David Schimmel

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ISBN: 9781760016265

No of Pages: 114

Publish date: 13/01/2016

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It is essential that today's educators and school leaders are more
informed about the legal rights and entitlements of students with disabilities.
This resource provides eight easy-to-implement lesson plans on special
education law that require no legal knowledge and can be facilitated by school
principals, special education directors, teachers or university instructors.In short one-hour sessions, participants learn by engaging in
practical activities instead of only passively reading about the law. All of
the lessons utilise actual situations that have led to expensive litigation.

This one-of-a-kind book will help students and schools reduce the
time and energy devoted to dealing with violations of the law, resolving
parental complaints, correcting errors by school employees and more.