How To Design Questions And Tasks To Assess Student Thinking

By: Susan Brookhart

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Publish Date: 09 December 2014

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Why wait for end-of-year tests to tell you whether students are meeting new standards' emphasis on higher-order thinking skills when you can assess their abilities in everyday classroom activities? Best-selling ASCD author Susan M. Brookhart explains how to design targeted questions and tasks that align with standards and assess your students' ability to do far more than simply remember facts and procedures. Dozens of examples across grade levels and subject areas make it easier for you to 

  • Pose assessment questions and tasks as "problems to solve." 
  • Design multiple-choice questions that require higher-order thinking. 
  • Use open questions effectively. 
  • Tailor cognitive level and difficulty to students' varying abilities. 
An "idea bank" of ready-made tasks and questions jump-starts your thinking and creativity when you want to challenge students and stretch their 21st century learning skills.

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