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How the Best Teachers Differentiate Instruction

Author: Elizabeth Breaux, Monique Boutte Magee

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ISBN: 9781742399935

No of Pages: 172

Publish date: 22/07/2011

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Just as variety is the spice of life, differentiation is the spice of learning.

This accessible and practical guide shows teachers how to provide their students with a variety of ways to strengthen their understanding of new material. A selection of assessments is also available to ensure that students have mastered classroom content, regardless of their individual learning styles, abilities and needs.

Contents include:

  • What is differentiated instruction and why do we differentiate?

  • Know your students

  • Management for differentiated instruction

  • 12 ways to differentiate

  • And more!

Although there are many books available on differentiation, most of them overwhelm teachers with too much information and not enough practicality. This book is a practical and readable resource for busy classroom teachers faced with the challenge of differentiating their instruction for all students.