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Help Your Child Learn with Mobile Phones and Web 2.0

Author: Liz Kolb

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ISBN: 9781760011925

No of Pages: 138

Publish date: 22/04/2014

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Audio and video recording, brainstorming, data collection, blogging, researching, polling, social activism – what do these activities have in common? They are all educational, and they can all be done on a mobile phone! Educators are now shifting from banning mobile phones in the classrooms to embracing them as learning tools. Parents can do the same! And that is how Help Your Child Learn with Mobiles Phones and Web 2.0 came about, to help parents teach their children to learn with these everyday-yet-powerful devices.

In the 21st century, part of a parent’s role is to help their child navigate and stay safe in a world overflowing with technology and information. Help Your Child Learn with Mobile Phones and Web 2.0 is full of resources, tips and ideas on how to model effective, safe, productive and appropriate mobile phone use.

Liz Kolb provides resources and ideas for dozens of fun and engaging educational activities for ages 10 and up that can be done on almost any basic mobile phone. In this revised Australian edition she points out the best free Web 2.0 resources and shares ideas for extending or altering the activities to best match your child’s interests and abilities.