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Heather Wolpert-Gawron


Heather Wolpert-Gawron is an award-winning middle school teacher, coach of middle school Speech & Debate teams and enthusiastic curriculum design geek. She coaches teachers in developing their own Project Based Learning units and works to help tech-tentative teachers become more tech-tenacious. 

She is passionate about educational technology and its role in helping students communicate all subjects. Heather helps her students become agile in 21st Century technologies so that they can be a part of the conversations to help develop the technologies for the next century to come. A 21st Century ELA teacher must focus, she believes, on communicating curriculum in an engaging way while teaching students strategies to communicate their passions themselves. Students must be able to communicate any content in a meaningful and current way; teachers, she believes must move beyond teaching content and must become more agile in focusing on strategies to communicate that content. 

Heather has a Masters in Instructional Design and Technology with an online learning emphasis, and she believes that the teachers’ Maker Movement is in original curriculum design. Heather tells stories through her curriculum units, and her students help to craft the content’s tale.