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CARS & STARS Plus Strategies Poster: All Levels (P-H)

Author: Deborah Adcock

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No of Pages: 17

Publish date: 23/07/2019

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Use the CARS & STARS Plus Strategies Posters to bring reading comprehension to life in your classroom.

These full-colour, SRA3 posters present the strategies used in each of the 10 levels (P–H) of the CARS & STARS Plus program. The strategies are based on comprehension ability; levels P and AA focus on only six of the 12 (including pre-reading and listening skills, which are visual and teacher-guided), level A focuses on eight and levels B–H focus on all 12 strategies.

The Strategies Posters are designed to be easy to interpret for students of all ages, with a concise explanation of each strategy presented underneath a specific icon that represents the strategy visually. These elements ensure that both students and the teacher can quickly and easily recall any of the 12 strategies no matter their level of reading comprehension.

The CARS & STARS Plus Strategies Posters Pack includes all 10 Strategies Posters, corresponding to each level of the CARS & STARS Plus program.