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Thinking about Thinking in IB Schools: How We Know What We Know

Author: Brian Pete, Robin Fogarty

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ISBN: 9781760567019

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Publish date: 16/05/2018

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Thinking about Thinking in IB Schools: How
We Know What We Know
Robin Fogarty and Brian Pete is intended to complement and supplement the
curriculum framework of international schools, particularly those that utilise
the International Baccalaureate program. The driving questions that undergirds
the book – “How do we know what we know?” – is the quintessential question that
drives our quest to learn, explore, investigate and, in the end, validate and

The discussions within this resource target the micro-skills of
thinking, or the “think links” that act like connectors between subject matter
and relevant processes across and within the learning areas. These target
skills include analysing, evaluating, comparing and contrasting, generalising,
making inferences, discerning cause and effect, imagining, visualising and
hypothesising. Each chapter features instructional strategies to teach,
practise and apply deeper thinking with the rich and rigorous content of the
international curricula.

Within Thinking about
, seven thinking skill areas are delineated and each of the seven
chapters features a lively discussion, explicit ways of thinking about particular
ways of thinking and engaging strategies to involve students in the act of deep
thinking about the required content. In addition, the chapters showcase
compelling stories that serve to illustrate key points, and offer specific and
explicit transfer strategies to illustrate how to foster immediate, authentic
transfer and application to the F–12 classroom.