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Make the Future! Hands-On Sustainability Lessons Complete Set of 3

Author: Nansi Kunze

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Publish date: 19/11/2018

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Can primary students really change the world? Yes,
they can – and this series shows them how!

The Make the Future!
Hands-On Sustainability Lessons
is a
cross-curriculum STEM series for Years 1–6 that gives real meaning to the idea
of sustainability. Each resource contains heaps of unique activities for each
year level, all designed to supplement Australian Curriculum instruction by
addressing the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority, as well as
reproducible worksheets and teachers’ notes.

The Make the Future! series features

  • STEM-rich activities that support the Australian
    Curriculum: Mathematics, Science, Technologies, Humanities and Social
    Sciences, English, Health and Physical Education and The Arts learning
    areas, as well as the sustainability cross-curriculum priority

  • data from the most up-to-date and credible
    sources, including the United Nations, the CSIRO, Environmental Protection
    Authority Victoria and Planet Ark

  • hands-on, practical activities based on
    traditional skills, such as upcycling, cooking, sewing and many more

  • whole-class, small-group and individual work with
    options for a range of skill levels

  • opportunities for multi-year-level collaboration,
    self-directed learning and community engagement

  • content that actively develops key life skills,
    such as financial planning, nutritional knowledge and goal-setting.

Make the Future! brings sustainability to life in the primary classroom, while
empowering your students to make a tangible difference to their future – and to
have fun at the same time!