Introduction to BrainSMART Teaching

Science, Structures and Strategies for Increasing Student Learning

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Publish Date: 18 December 2017

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This book is for you if you are a busy teacher who wants to increase student learning while instilling a love of learning. Forget mind-numbing rote drills and test prep. Start using the BrainSMART approach we have shared with more than 160,000 educators and personally modelled with more than 5000 students.

  • Discover the 6 MASTER keys to boosting student achievement.
  • Master 12 principles for effective brain-based teaching.
  • Apply 60 classroom-tested learning strategies.
  • Boost optimism and persistence.
  • Reduce behaviour problems.
  • Increase energy and joy in teaching and learning.
  • Engage students in meaningful learning.
  • Command attention with the CRAVE formula.
  • Facilitate retention and recall of important information.
  • Maximise transfer to success in school and life.
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