Creating an Australian school literacy policy

The forthcoming book by Dr Margaret Merga provides a research-informed yet easy-to-use guide for developing or revising whole school literacy policies and enhancing the teaching and learning of literacy in schools. The book offers a new framework for the creation of a whole school literacy policy drawing on analysis of Australian and UK school literacy policy documents to provide the reader with insight into both Australian and UK models.

Creating an Australian school literacy policy is designed for educators and school leaders across K-12, providing a unique research-informed and practical approach in an easy-to-use guide for the writing of a whole school literacy policy.

About the author:

Dr Merga is an author and consultant at Merga Consulting, supporting schools and professional associations seeking to build school reading cultures and enhance school library advocacy. Margaret is an honorary adjunct at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and a senior researcher in literacy, library, and research communication.

Margaret has extensive teaching experience across K-12 and higher education and is the leading Australian researcher in school-based literacy policy research.

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