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Succeeding with Habits of Mind: Developing, Infusing and Sustaining the Habits of Mind for a More Thoughtful Classroom

Author: James Anderson

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Code: HB6224

ISBN: 9781742396224

No of Pages: 150

Publish date: 18/10/2010

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Beginning your learning journey with Habits of Mind is easy. Knowing where the next steps are can be elusive, and more challenging. In these pages you'll find practical guidance that takes you beyond introducing the Habits of Mind and helps you build deep understandings so you can succeed in developing, infusing, leading and sustaining the Habits of Mind in your school. You will learn how to: Develop students' Habits of Mind; Infuse the Habits of Mind into the curriculum; Lead the change in your school; Sustain the change; and Connect with others. Success is a journey. This book gives you the knowledge you'll need as you move beyond the basics and succeed in building an even more thoughtful learning community with Habits of Mind.