Educating and Raising Boys

By: Michael Nagel

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Publish Date: 15 July 2020

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Modern education is failing our boys. Educating and raising boys challenges society’s war on boys and boyishness and encourages educators and parents to expand their understanding of the male brain to better support the boys in their lives.

Author Michael Nagel draws on his knowledge as a researcher in child development, behaviour and educational psychology, and his experience as an academic and a father, to explore the ways that teachers and parents can create positive social learning environments that recognise the complexities of the developing brain and promote learning. By examining the behaviour of boys from a neuroscientific standpoint and how the hardwiring in their brain influences the way they learn, Nagel challenges readers to reassess how we currently engage with boys physically, academically, emotionally and spiritually. Rather than expect boys to change, readers will learn how to best adapt their own behaviour to ensure they allow boys to flourish.

Educating and raising boys is an invaluable resource for any educator or parent who wishes to enhance the lives of the boys they teach and raise.

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