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Professional Learning Communities - Voices from the Field: A Complete Professional Learning Resource for Schools

Author: Colin Sloper

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ISBN: 9781760565985

No of Pages: 172

Publish date: 28/03/2018

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Professional Learning Communities – Voices
from the Field: A Complete Professional Learning Resource for Schools
is the perfect guide for any leadership
team, collaborative team or educator looking to transform their school into a
professional learning community.

This multimedia professional learning package presents a series of
in-depth interviews and meetings with teachers, leaders and other stakeholders
as they discuss the key ideas of professional learning communities, providing
invaluable insight into the PLC process from real educators who do the work
every day. With the accompanying videos, you will observe how becoming a
professional learning community has not only improved both the school and the
school community, but also the professional outcomes of its own educators and
the students they serve. 

The included video clips, and accompanying Facilitator’s Guide,
are divided into three sections:

To view a sample of the videos in each of these sections please click on the Videos tab above.

  1. Vox Pop Interviews – Gain an insight into the thoughts and
    opinions of individual educators as they discuss the key ideas and main issues
    addressed by the professional learning communities process.

  2. Leadership and Collaborative Team Meetings
    Observe teacher teams
    as they discuss issues related to student learning that are affecting them and
    their students, and how they are addressed by working as a collaborative tea.
    See how the operation of a leadership team meeting is targeted to support the
    work of teacher collaborative teams.

  3. One-on-One Interviews – These interviews capture
    the weekly meetings between the principal and the school’s assistant
    principals, and the weekly meetings of the assistant principals with
    collaborative team facilitators, demonstrating how these key personnel are
    supported in their important work.

Appropriate for use individually, with
teacher teams or as a whole staff, Professional
Learning Communities – Voices from the Field
has been created by Colin
Sloper, principal of the first school to be recognised as a model of a
professional learning community in Australia, and offers any school that is
working to become a professional learning community a guiding hand as they
begin, or continue their journey.