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Weaving Well-Being Complete Set

Author: Fiona Forman, Mick Rock

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ISBN: HB5250

Publish date: 17/06/2019

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Weaving Well-Being is a research-based mental health program that aims to enhance well-being in children aged 7–12. Each book in this series introduces students to age-appropriate concepts and skill drawn from the field of Positive Psychology, the science of well-being.

This set includes 1 of each of the following:

  • Weaving Well-Being: Character Strengths - Teacher Book, Year 2 (HB5251)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Positive Emotions - Teacher Book, Year 3 (HB5275)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Tools of Resilience - Teacher Book, Year 4 (HB5299)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Positive Relationships - Teacher Book, Year 5 (HB5312)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Empowering Beliefs - Teacher Book, Year 6 (HB5336)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Character Strengths - Student Book (HB52681)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Positive Emotions - Student Book (HB52821)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Tools of Resilience - Student Book (HB53051)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Positive Relationships - Student Book (HB53291)

  • Weaving Well-Being: Empowering Beliefs - Student Book (Hb53431)

  • A Whole School Guide to the Weaving Well-Being Program (CAT160)