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Inside the Black Box: Geography

Author: John Butler, Paul Weeden, David Lambert

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Code: GLA1345

ISBN: 9781760011345

No of Pages: 40

Publish date: 27/11/2013

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This revised Australian edition of Geography inside the Black Box is an up-to-date guide to formative assessment in geography focused on helping Australian students to acquire and develop geographical capability. The formative approach to assessment offers students guidance on ways to observe and question data, developing their knowledge and understanding of the inquiry process. The specific aim here is the improvement of geography education, so ideas are put in the context of the aims and expectations of geography teaching, shaped by these curriculum priorities and focused on learning goals.

Geography students must develop process skills for investigation as well as communication skills to question and discuss their findings. Formative assessment fits well into this learning setting, since its purpose is for teachers to sift student responses in class discussion and activity and make professional judgements about the next steps in learning. Using this exclusive edition, revised by John Butler to align with the recently released Australian Curriculum: Geography, primary and secondary teachers throughout Australia can enrich their geography instruction with assessment for learning while fulfilling national curriculum requirements.

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