Gavin Grift

With experience as a teacher, assistant principal and educational coach, Gavin Grift's passion, commitment and style have made him an in-demand presenter of keynotes, seminars and in-school support days. 

Focus areas: Professional Learning Communities, Cognitive Coaching, Teachers as Architects of Learning, Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools, Collaborative Teams That Work, Transformative Collaboration

As a speaker, Gavin connects with national and international audiences on topics ranging from Cognitive Coaching and quality teacher practice to professional learning communities (PLCs) and learning-centred leadership.

Gavin is the author of numerous articles and books, including Assessing the Whole Child (2007), Teachers as Architects of Learning (2013) and Transformative Talk: Cognitive Coaches Share Their Stories (2014). He has helped lead the establishment of a PLC network within Australian schools and also serves as a training associate for Thinking Collaborative, the home of both Cognitive Coaching and Adaptive Schools.

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