From Master Teacher to Master Learner

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Publish Date: 01 March 2017

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From Master Teacher to Master Learner by Will Richardson explores the fact that, although the world has seen great technological transformations, very little real school change has taken place. Creating true digital classrooms requires schools to desert their traditional practices in order to make better use of 21st century structures and technologies. This practical guide shows educators how to promote learning over knowing, and invites them to rethink the ways school can best prepare today’s students for the future.

Educators will

  • contemplate antiquated education premises that educators need to abandon and unlearn to fit the modern world
  • explore the difference between a culture of teaching and a culture of learning and how learning cultures diverge
  • gain key starting points for creating atmospheres that encourage powerful learning
  • reflect on the web literacies that teachers may have trouble developing
  • review how students and educators can best use web tools, such as social media and blogs, and in which areas these applications are the most helpful for educational purposes.
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