From Flower to Fruit

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Publish Date: 14 March 2017

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From Flower to Fruit will transform curious readers – both children and adults – into budding botanists. The book draws you in with rich illustrations and an engaging narrative. But this is more than just a pretty storybook. It sparks curiosity about the parts of a flower and the vital roles of bees and seeds in plant reproduction.

Six kid-friendly activities and background information for parents and teachers complement the text. The authors also encourage you to explore several mysteries:

  • How does a seed change as it sprouts into a plant?
  • Why do scientists call a tomato a fruit?
  • Can some fruits really fly, float and stick to your socks?


Richard Konicek-Moran and Kathleen Konicek-Moran are a husband-and-wife team of naturalists. Both believe in advancing the importance of botany in children’s education. After reading this book, no child will ever look at a flower or fruit in the same way again – and no grown-up will, either!

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