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Friendly Schools Plus: Friendly Families

Author: Donna Cross, Erin Erceg, Shane Thompson

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ISBN: 9781743308868

No of Pages: 52

Publish date: 06/09/2013

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While parents can have concerns about the possible effects if bullying on their children, many indicate they are unsure of what they can do to help their children to prevent or respond effectively to bullying, especially cyberbullying.

This booklet provides families with information and ideas to help them talk to with their children about bullying, including cyberbullying behaviour, and to help their children build effective social skills. The actions suggested in this booklet are consistent with the Friendly Schools Plus learning provided to students at school to reduce bullying behaviour. Topics addressed in this booklet include:

  • Family-school partnerships;

  • Communicating with your children;

  • Understanding bullying: Cyber and face-to-face bullying;

  • How to approach your children’s school;

  • Bystanders taking action; and

  • Social and emotional learning.