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Friendly Schools Plus: Evidence for Practice

Author: Donna Cross, Erin Erceg, Shane Thompson

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ISBN: 9781743307656

No of Pages: 290

Publish date: 03/06/2013

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Evidence for Practice is the foundational resource designed to support schools to build and maintain a whole-school approach to reduce and prevent bullying. It describes the approach that schools can implement to maximise and sustain effective social skill-building and bullying-prevention strategies. A comprehensive summary of evidence-based practice is provided in each section of this book, which will assist schools to implement changes in the key areas of whole-school ethos, policy, social and physical climate, and links with families and the community to enhance social and emotional learning and reduce bullying. By assisting school to identify evidence-based practices that align with their needs, Evidence for Practice supports sustainable changes to policy, the school’s social and physical climate and links with families, all of which can be achieved by implementing the practice toolkits provided.

Evidence for Practice and the Friendly Schools initiative link directly to the General Capabilities outlined in the Australian Curriculum under ‘Personal and Social Capability’. The series aims to develop students’ social and emotional competencies. Outcomes are developed through the following five focus areas:

• Self-awareness

• Self-management

• Social awareness

• Relationship skills

• Social decision-making

A Team Progress Map has been designed to support school coordinating teams to use the Friendly Schools Plus Implementation Road Map, resources and toolkits to effectively implement the whole-school community initiative to enhance social and emotional learning and reduce and prevent bullying. The progress map converts the road map’s implementation process into step-by-step team tasks which are further developed by the team to define what is to be done, by whom and when this will be achieved. This tool allows all those involved to keep track of progress towards achieving those goals set by the team through the planning tool. The progress map also provides a tool for teams to assess their current position in the implementation process and to create a plan from there. Links to resources, toolkits and specific sections of this book lead team members to information and tools they may need in the planning process.

Planning Toolkits are provided for each key area in the
Evidence for Practice text which assist school teams to conduct their
review of current policies and practices, identify their successes and
needs and plan their strategies and actions in each key area. The
planning tool is designed for teams to record their planning for future
action in each key area.

For schools that have already taken action in these areas, Evidence for Practice will offer the opportunity to review action, identify areas for improvement and to engage in activities that will maintain or enhance the existing processes. For schools that have not yet taken action, this book provides guidance for a school coordinating committee to develop and engage in a whole-school process to reduce and prevent bullying and increase social and emotional competence.