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Friendly Schools Plus: Cyber Leaders' Student Handbook (High School) (set of 5)

Author: Donna Cross, Erin Erceg, Shane Thompson

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Publish date: 20/05/2014

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The Friendly Schools Plus Student Cyber Leader resources are designed to skill young people to become leaders in their school to reduce cyberbullying and other cyber-related harms. 

The Cyber Leaders’ Student Handbook was created to assist students with the role of leading the school community in the safe use of technology. This resource will help to build the self-efficacy of students to show leadership in their school and with their peers by encouraging and enabling other young people to use technology in positive ways.

This resource was designed to be used in conjunction with other modules in the CyberStrong Schools website and the School Staff Handbook for Cyber Leaders. Topics in this resource include:

  • You as a leader

  • Making change happen

  • Connecting online

  • Facebook tips

  • Team-building games

  • Links to useful clips

  • Supporting fellow students