Freedom to Learn

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Publish Date: 11 April 2017

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In Freedom to Learn, Will Richardson explores the disconnect between 21st century advances in access to technology tools and schools that continue to form education around antiquated 19th and 20th century techniques. The freedom to learn that students apply outside school is left untapped in the classroom, leaving students feeling unengaged and uncreative in their education. Richardson illustrates how allowing more freedom to learn in the classroom will engage learners and better prepare them for success in their lives. 

F–12 teachers and administrators will

  • study the disconnect between how we learn outside school and how we set up learning in school
  • ask themselves what is most important for students to know now given the access to information and knowledge they have
  • observe a case study of a school that is completely redrafting its public schooling practices
  • examine the teacher’s role in a school culture where freedom to learn carries greater importance
  • evaluate three of the toughest barriers to students having more freedom to learn in the classroom.
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