Rigour Made Easy

Getting Started

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Publish Date: 22 March 2013

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Bestselling author and noted rigour expert Barbara Blackburn shares the secrets to getting started, maintaining momentum and reaching your goals. Learn what rigour looks like in the classroom, understand what it means for your students and get the keys to successful implementation.

Learn how to use rigour to raise expectations, provide appropriate support and meet the General Capabilities outlined in the new Australian National Curriculum - whether or not rigour is something mandated in your school or school system!

Rigour Made Easy discusses five Strategies to Increase Rigour:

  • Chapter 2: Raise the Level of Content
  • Chapter 3: Increase Complexity
  • Chapter 4: Give Appropriate Support and Guidance
  • Chapter 5: Open Your Focus
  • Chapter 6: Raise Expectations

This book is filled with practical, use-the-next-day strategies for all year levels and subject areas. Use the ideas to raise the level of learning for all of your students!

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