Essentials for Achieving Rigour Series

Examining Reasoning

By: Robert Marzano

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ISBN: 9781760014827

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Publish Date: 27 January 2015

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Can your students recognise when their own logic is flawed? 

Academic standards call for increased rigour, but simply raising complexity is not enough. Students need to know how to state a claim and support it with evidence. They must be able to examine their own thinking and the thinking of others. As they consider the logic in their reasoning, they become adept at examining errors, identifying flawed logic, and ultimately deepening their understanding of the content. Examining Reasoning: Classroom Techniques to Help Students Produce and Defend Claims explores explicit techniques for mastering this crucial strategy of instructional practice. It includes:

  • explicit steps for implementation

  • recommendations for monitoring students’ ability to examine errors in reasoning

  • adaptations for students who struggle, have special needs, or excel in learning

  • examples and non-examples from classroom practice

  • common mistakes and ways to avoid them 

The Essentials for Achieving Rigour series of instructional guides helps educators become highly skilled at implementing, monitoring and adapting instruction. Put it to practical use immediately, adopting day-to-day examples as models for application in your own classroom.

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