Everyday Life Science Mysteries

Stories for Inquiry-Based Science Teaching

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Publish Date: 20 April 2015

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How do tiny buys get into oatmeal? What makes children look like – or different from – their parents? Where do rotten apples go after they fall off the tree? By presenting everyday mysteries like these, Everyday Life Science Mysteries will motivate your students to carry out hands-on science investigations and actually care about the results.

These 20 open-ended mysteries focus exclusively on biological science, including heredity, botany, human physiology, zoology, reproduction, life cycles and health. While the lessons in Everyday Life Science Mysteries are primarily focused on biology, all organisms and environments obey the laws of conservation of matter and energy (concepts found in physics) and engage in complex chemical reactions, providing teachers with multidisciplinary units of work that can also be undertaken in English, mathematics and engineering classes. 

The stories that accompany each science lesson come with lists of science concepts to explore, year level-appropriate strategies for using them and explanations of how the lessons align with national standards. They also relieve you of the tiring work of designing inquiry lessons from scratch.

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