Everyday Engineering

Putting the E in STEM Teaching and Learning

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Publish Date: 19 September 2016

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Here's an ideal way to spark students' fascination with the marvels of engineering behind the seemingly simple. This book is a compilation of popular "Everyday Engineering" columns from NSTA's middle-level journal, Science Scope. The collection is made up of 14 activities that explore engineering's role in five areas: the office, the kitchen, the bathroom, electricity and outdoor recreation. Students can perform hands-on investigations of objects they use all the time, asking questions such as

  • What makes a Bic click?

  • Why do squirt guns squirt?

  • What makes a better cereal box?

Each activity includes a clean explanation of the science and history behind the object's development plus a materials list, student data sheets and safety suggestions. The collection is useful to classroom teachers as well as scout leaders, engineers leading outreach activities, after-school and summer enrichment program staff, and parents.

Everyday Engineering may soon have your students taking a number of things apart - and putting together a lifelong interest in engineering.

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Price A$29.95
ISBN 9781760010577
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