Even More Brain-Powered Science

Inquiry Learning With Unexpected Results

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Publish Date: 04 March 2015

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Designed for science teachers of Years 6–12, Even More Brain-Powered Science uses 13 inquiry-oriented, discrepant events – hands-on explorations or demonstrations in which the outcomes are not what student expect – to dispute misconceptions and challenge students to critically examine empirical evidence, draw logical inferences and sceptically review their initial explanations with their peers. These interactive, multi-day instructional sequences (and extension activities) use readily available, inexpensive materials to engage the natural curiosity of both teachers and students and create new levels of scientific understanding. They also serve as visual participatory analogies for science education principles related to the nature of science and cognitive learning theory, bridging the gap between practice and theory.

This revised Australian edition of Even More Brain-Powered Science features correlations with the Australian Curriculum: Science, including various content descriptions for seven of the science activities. These content descriptions describe the knowledge, concepts, skills and processes that teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn. The remaining six activities and each feature links to other elements in the Australian Curriculum: Science, including the rationale, aims, cross-curriculum priorities and links to other learning areas. These links showcase how each activity contributes to the overarching ideas of the science curriculum, as well as those of the other subject areas within the Australian Curriculum.

Each easy-to-use chapter includes an expected outcome, an explanation of the science and science education concepts, discussion points, the procedure and a list of related websites (more than 500 links are included in this volume). Whether you are new to the Brain-Powered Science books or an experienced “brain-powered” professional, this book is sure to create entertaining educational experiences for you and your students.

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