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Even Hockey Players Read: Boys, Literacy and Learning

Author: David Booth

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ISBN: 9781760562977

No of Pages: 136

Publish date: 10/04/2017

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This comprehensive overview of the challenging issues
around boys and reading and writing features thought-provoking questions,
strategies and practical solutions for helping boys develop their literacy

The role of gender in reading success is complex. This book
faces the issues head-on, uncovering many of the assumptions and stereotypes
parents and educators have about boys and how they handle the world of print
text. Boys and men were interviewed specifically for the book, and their
voices, as well as those of children’s authors and educators, reveal their
literacy challenges, struggles, tastes and values. Compelling reading, these “real”
voices provide valuable insights into how we can support boys in their journey
towards becoming successful readers and writers. 

Drawing upon his background as a parent and literacy educator,
the author suggests strategies and techniques for promoting an alternative
culture of literacy. He champions creating school and home settings where what
children choose to read is valued alongside what children need to read. A
wealth of book titles proven to appeal to even the most reluctant boy readers
complement this important resource. Even
Hockey Players Read
advocates changing the classroom environment so that

  • boys who can’t read are helped

  • boys who don’t read become

  • boys who do read find

This highly readable book demonstrates the powerful
potential of literacy in the lives of boys. It is essential reading for those
who want to guide boys towards a love of reading that will help them in their
school life and beyond.