Engaging Minds in Social Studies Classrooms

The Surprising Power of Joy

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Politcal intrigue. Environmental issues. Ethical dilemmas. Critical thinking. Problem solving. Social studies content is directly connected to real life and is filled with built-in hooks to transform tuned-out students into engaged and enthusiastic learners. Experiencing schoolwide elections, researching a cause and participating in mock court cases are just a few ways to build the joyful self-efficacy and knowledge that students need for higher education, career and civic-minded adulthood.

Building on the insights and research in Engaging Minds in the Classroom: The Surprising Power of Joy, Erekson explains how to integrate the joyful learning approach with social studies standards – including the Common Core, the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, and the College, Career, and Civic Life framework. Topics in Engaging Minds in Social Studies Classrooms include:

  • Understanding joyful learning in social studies,
  • Evaluating and assessing joyful learning,
  • Implementing joyful learning in social studies, and
  • Using joyful learning to support education initiatives.

In addition to discussing how to create a student-centred classroom and develop activities that generate authentic products and meaningful outcomes, Erekson provides specific strategies that will enhance your own joy in teaching and learning.

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