Engaging Minds in Science and Math Classrooms

The Surprising Power of Joy

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Teachers decide, every day, whether they are going to turn students on or off to science and mathematics in their classrooms.

Daily decisions about how to incorporate creativity, choice and autonomy – integral components of engagement – can build students’ self-efficacy, keep them motivated and strengthen their identities as scientists and mathematicians. In this book, the authors show you how to apply the joyful learning framework introduced in Engaging Minds in the Classroom to instruction in science and mathematics.

Acknowledging that many students – particularly girls and students of colour – do not see themselves as mathematics and scientists, the authors provide a series of suggested activities that are aligned with standards and high expectations to engage and motivate all learners. Given the current focus on encouraging students to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies, this book is a welcome addition to every teacher’s reference collection. Topics include:

  • understanding joyful learning in science and math,
  • evaluating and assessing joyful learning,
  • implementing joyful learning in science and math, and
  • using joyful learning to support education initiatives.
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