Engaging Minds in English Language Arts Classrooms

The Surprising Power of Joy

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Publish Date: 12 June 2014

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How can we keep students attentive, thoughtful and inquisitive about learning in English? It certainly takes more than new standards and assessments.

In Engaging Minds in English Language Arts Classrooms: The Surprising Power of Joy, Mary Jo Fresch shows how you can use the joyful learning framework introduced in Engaging Minds in the Classroom to better engage students in reading, writing, speaking, listening and other elements of English learning. She provides innovative instructional approaches for diverse students at all year levels, linking the strategies to the research that demonstrates the effects of motivation and engagement on student success.

Educators striving to meet the multiple challenges of standards, assessments, EAL/D (English as an additional language or dialect) instruction and achievement gaps have more reasons than ever before to attend to this critical aspect of learning. Engaging Minds in English Language Arts Classrooms will inspire you to make the kinds of changes in your classroom that will truly engage students’ minds – by helping them experience joy in learning.

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