Educating for Creativity & Innovation

A Comprehensive Guide for Research-Based Practice

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ISBN: 9781760017101

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Publish Date: 11 September 2015

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Today, more than ever before, we must be able to think creatively, manage change and solve complex, open-ended problems.

Education today is different in its structure and practice than it was in any previous generation, not just because of the impact of technology and the internet, but also because, across the lifespan, every person studies, works and plays in a global community that was previously unknown to most generations.

Although organisations worldwide recognise that their success both now and in the future depends on a workforce capable of effective thinking, problem solving and innovation, educational practice stills lags behind our knowledge in these areas.

Educating for Creativity and Innovation is a powerful resource to close the gap between research and practice and to promote understanding and effective practice relating to creativity and innovation. In short, this is a book whose time is now!

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Price A$69.95
ISBN 9781760017101
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