Doing Literary Criticism

Helping Students Engage with Challenging Texts

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One of the greatest challenges for English teachers today is the call to engage student in more complex texts. We know how rewarding it can be to engage students in complex works of thought-provoking literature, but we know how demanding the job can be, too. Tim Gillespie, who has taught in public schools for almost four decades, has found the lenses of literacy criticism a powerful tool for helping students tackle challenging literary texts. Tim breaks down the dense language of critical theory into clear, lively and thorough explanations of many schools of critical thought – reader response, biographical, historical, psychological, archetypal, genre based, moral, philosophical, feminist, political, formalist and postmodern.

Doing Literary Criticism gives each theory its own chapter with a brief, teacher-friendly overview and a history of the approach, along with an in-depth discussion of its benefits and limitations. Each chapter also includes ideas for classroom practices and activities. Using stories from his own English classes – from alternative programs to advance placement and everything in between – Tim provides a wealth of specific classroom-tested suggestions for discussion, essay and research topics, recommended texts, exam questions and more.

The accompanying PDF (available to download at offers abbreviated overviews of each theory aimed at students readers; these are designed to be used as classroom handouts to help students acquire background knowledge about each theory. The PDF also includes a complete bonus chapter on postmodernism, additional examples of student work, collections of quotes to stimulate discussion and writing, an extended history of women writers, bonus information on a variety of topics including magic realism, deconstruction, and varieties of political criticism, and much more.

Ultimately, Doing Literary Criticism offers teachers a rich set of materials and tools to help their students become more confident and able readers, writers and critical thinkers.

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