Dive In! Immersion in Science Practices for High School Students

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Publish Date: 23 June 2017

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A few years ago, veteran high school teachers and graduate-level scientists from the University of New Hampshire engaged in a collaborative study. One of their goals was to explain in detail how teachers and students can make the leap to implementing the recommendations of curriculum standards.
Dive In! is the firsthand account of the study’s illuminating results. By sharing personal examples, intriguing vignettes and field-tested lesson plans, the book aims to inspire you to immerse your students in active learning – or at least dip your toes into new ways of teaching.


Designed for use with any type of science content, Dive In! covers the following topics:

  • The challenges and benefits of making the instructional shift to science practice integration (SPI) – with a handy troubleshooting guide that outlines concerns and offers potential solutions to help you navigate related problems.
  • The value of partnering with professional scientists in the shift to SPI, plus advice on setting up productive partnerships.
  • Ways to scaffold science practices into your classes so that, over time, students will develop the knowledge and skills to direct the scientific research process themselves.
  • Field-tested lesson plans with embedded activities for implementing SPI – each including a teacher’s post-lesson reflection about the concrete student outcomes, templates for student handouts and rubrics.


Written from an authentic teacher perspective, Dive In! presents a realistic picture of what it’s like to integrate curriculum standards and practices into your science classroom. This book is the resource you need to help students shift from only knowing about science to actually investigating and making sense of it. Jump in with both feet!

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