Digital Storytelling with iMovie

Teach Powerful Storytelling with the Australian Curriculum 2nd Edition

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Storytelling is an important part of learning, and today’s technology allows students and staff to tell their stories in powerful ways.
Digital storytelling allows students to demonstrate their understanding of a particular topic, assists with staff development, creates publicity for the school and can be used to build learning communities around the world. This book provides practical ideas and lessons to apply digital storytelling in schools.

This revised Australian edition assists teachers in creating digital stories and using digital storytelling to meet curriculum standards. Broad ideas are shared about storytelling in information literacy, knowledge management and critical thinking. Features of this book include:

  • Using and evaluating digital storytelling in the classroom
  • Knowledge management and storyboarding
  • Critical thinking and story elements, such as pacing, economy, point of view and dramatic question
  • Production elements such as sound, lighting, framing and camera techniques

Digital Storytelling with iMovie™ links with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) general capability, and also has strong correlations to The Australian Curriculum: Media Arts. Digital storytelling is also relevant to learning areas of the Australian Curriculum such as English, history and geography, which call for students to demonstrate their understanding of a topic using digital technology.

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