Digital Citizenship in Schools, Third Edition

Nine Elements All Students Should Know

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Publish Date: 09 May 2017

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Students today have always had technology in their lives, so many teachers assume their students are competent tech users - more competent, in fact, than themselves. In reality, not all students are as tech savvy as teachers might assume, and not all teachers are as incompetent as they fear. Even when students are comfortable using technology, they may not be using it appropriately. Likewise, educators of all skills levels may not understand how to use technology effectively. Both students and teachers need to become members of a digital citizenry.

In this essential exploration of digital citizenship, Mike Ribble provides a framework for asking what we should be doing with respect to technology so we can become productive and responsible users of digital technologies. This new edition includes:

  • the nine elements of digital citizenship and how to incorporate them in the classroom

  • professional development activities to instil citizenship concepts

  • changes to the technology landscape, new tools and devices

  • lesson plans, correlated to ISTE Standards, for teaching different aspects of digital citizenship.

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